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Our Work

The activities aim to promote public discussion about contemporary issues through the theoretical legacy of Hannah Arendt. To this end, we promote online events and produce content in various formats: texts, podcasts, and videos. Although we have English as our lingua franca, the content is produced in several languages, thus allowing access by different audiences. 



Hosted on SoundCloud, the podcast is also available on other platforms. A space for interviews and reviews, and to put available on audio the recordings of our live events.

Substack: blog and newsletter

A place for written reviews and information, to publicize the last news about the Arendtian world: new books, events, press, films, exhibitions, a summary of our favorite articles, and podcast episodes.


Videos and online events

A series of online talks with intellectuals, writers, academics, scholars, and people involved in the research and study of Hannah Arendt and her theories. Via Zoom, with free registration.


We are working to establish an online journal, with versions in English and Brazilian Portuguese, for articles, reviews, and translations in a more academic fashion.

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